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Karl Queensborough

Karl has a confident, engaging, upbeat and naturally urban voice. Karl has enormous versatility and range in accents ranging from heightened RP to US to Irish. Currently playing Alexander Hamilton in the West End production of Hamilton (with a US accent).

Karl has performed in numerous theatre productions from Shakespeare, Musical and Panto. You can also see him in BBCs Enterprice and Casualty.

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  • Male


  • 18-25
  • 25-35


  • African American
  • Cockney
  • Irish Southern
  • Jamaican
  • London
  • South Coast US Accent
  • Standard English R P
  • Standard U S
  • West Country
  • Yorkshire

Audio Clips

Karl Queensborough - Amazon Commercial, bright and upbeat

Karl Queesnborough - Mercedes Commercial, smooth and dramatic

Karl Queensborough - Money.co.uk commercial, direct and informative

Karl Queensborough - Payasugym commercial, upbeat and smiley

Karl Quuenborough - Redcross Commercial, sincere and thoughtful